About De Herder School


De Herder School was founded to empower upcoming generations to achieve academic excellence and positively impact our society. To achieve these goals, our curriculum is designed to the highest standards, both domestically and internationally.

Our values
At DHS, we place a lot of emphasis on our values. We are a Christian institute, and as a missionary school, we have a passion for creating a positive work environment and delivering high-quality education.
At DHS we take our values very seriously.

As a Christian school, Christian values are at our core. We seek to foster an environment that allow our pupils to have real encounters with God and that build character. We aim to encourage all our pupils to build a real relationship with God rather than just have head knowledge of who He is.


Having integrity is an essential trait to us, as it means that our students are upright, moral, and trustworthy individuals.

We are passionate about education and passionate about seeing children grow. We also want your child to be excited about learning and to help them discover new ideas and topics that fascinate and encourage them to delve into deeper learning.

As humans, we were not made to live alone. As a body of Christ, we were made to work together as one. It is important to us as a school to foster skills that encourage teamwork and respect for others which are key aspects of life..

We are dedicated to empowering learners to achieve academic excellence and impact the society.
We aim to equip our pupils with the tools to impact the society positively.
Children who are graduates from our school will emerge as confident young adults who are conscientious workers with a passion for Christ. They will continue their journey in life with God, having learnt and experienced that He is their source and that all is for His glory.

Extra curricular
Music, Reading, Young farmer, Ballet, Drama. & Dance Theatre, Busy Bee, Art and Craft Creative Writing, Debate, Red Cross